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There are many types on the market today, marketed towards both men and women, young and old. They come in all different shapes and sizes, colors and flavors, and can pretty much be targeted towards any audience. There is no one over the age of 18 that isn't targeted somehow by different marketing ploys. Remember, they are out to get you!

The tobacco companies aren't stupid. They know what people like, and they use that to their advantage. They are all about making as much money as possible, and the only way to do that is to get young people started as early as possible. It's no secret that the vast majority of people began smoking in high school. That's when people are at their most vulnerable moment. During those times, peer pressure is very high. The tobacco companies know this, and that's how they get you hooked and make their money.

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Let's look at some different types of cigarettes out there, and what to expect from each one. It's important to know what's being targeted to whom:

MASCULINE CIGARETTES - These are targeted towards men, so you often see magazine ads, convenience store displays, and TV commercials with cowboys, construction workers, or business men in suits representing them. They are viewed as macho or tough.


These are also called "straights," as they have no filter. They are short, and very strong. Since there is no filter, you are inhaling the entire cigarette, so it's going to be more harsh on your throat. These are the strongest ones money can buy. Usually the people seriously addicted use these. It's very common to see old men buying these.


Because they can get the most bang for their buck, and most likely have been smoking for decades. But the damage to their lungs and body is even worse than regular types. You are inhaling more bad chemicals. Expect a cough almost instantly after inhaling these.


These are the next step up from straights. They are basically the same strength but with a cotton filter. You'll still get all the nicotine and chemicals, but it isn't as harsh on the throat. You'll still get a nasty cough eventually. Usually people who are heavy smokers are buying these. Their body requires a lot of nicotine, and this type provides that. It's like adding an expresso shot to a cup of regular coffee. It gives you an extra jolt.


This is the next step up from filters, and is likely the most popular brand out there. I was addicted to these for 17 years. I never really went stronger or weaker than lights. They always seemed to be just right. They're not as harsh as filters or straights, and stronger than ultra-lights. But because they fit just right, it was easy to smoke an entire pack in a single night. These are probably the best sellers globally.


These are the lightest cigarettes on the market today. They are so light, that you find yourself puffing so hard to get a real drag. What that could possibly mean is smoking more to get the same effect. People often switch brands to a lighter brand when they want to quit.

All that really does is make them consume more, because they aren't getting the same amount of nicotine as before. Their body will demand more, and since nicotine is in control, they will give in and either smoke more, or buy a stronger cigarette. It's all a matter of time. Switching brands is not a logical approach to quitting all together. In the end, it won't work.


These types are short and fat and can be filters or lights. They are targeted towards men. They believe, because they are fatter, that they represent a more macho look. It's almost like a cigar. Since those are looked at as masculine, so are wide cigarettes. It's very rare to see a woman having one. It's almost always a man. The tobacco companies know this for sure.

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FEMININE CIGARETTES - These can vary in all shapes, colors, and flavors. Women like to smoke the dainty kinds, not always, but usually. The tobacco companies know this also, so there are marketing ploys geared directly towards them.

Long and skinny

These are 100% targeted towards women. The boxes themselves are usually pink or baby blue, and they are almost twice as long as regular cigarettes. Young women, especially right out of high school, are the ones who usually buy these. They are dainty, girly, and very feminine.


These are flavored with eucalyptus. It's almost like an icy, cold, minty flavor. People smoke these because they think their breath won't be as bad. Of course that's a complete lie. They also inhale them because they like the icy feeling in their lungs as they inhale a deep drag. There have been reports that menthols crystalize your lungs, and that is a real danger that other cigarettes don't possess.


These are laced with clove leaves. After inhaling, they leave the subtle taste of cloves on your lips, which is something that attracts women. They are usually more expensive than regular brands, and are often black in color. In addition, they have a higher concentrate of nicotine, so they are indeed stronger than regular kinds. It's not easy to smoke a whole pack of cloves in a single night. You'll probably find yourself switching at some point. But because they are stronger, they are also more harsh on your body, and worse for your lungs.

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As you can see, there are many different types, aimed at both men and women, young and old. The tobacco companies know what men like and what women like.

But in reality, they are all 100% bad for you. There isn't a single safe cigarette on the market. They will all kill you after time. Just because you might be smoking ultra-lights does not mean you are inhaling a safer cigarette than a straight. All you're really doing is taking a bigger drag to obtain the same amount of nicotine. You are being fooled.

The tobacco companies are lying to you. They aren't as pretty and macho as they look. After a while, you'll become addicted and then you'll be a slave forever, and that's exactly what they want. They want your money.




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