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This is the newest nicotine product on the market. It is geared towards young adults in all sorts of colors and flavors, from mint to licorice. You snort it up your nose. That can't be good for you. It's still as addicting as smoking is, and you'll still be a slave to nicotine if you use this product.

What is it Exactly?

It's ground up tobacco leaves in powder form. It comes in a tin canister the same way that chewing tobacco comes in. You put a tiny amount on the tip of your finger, and you sniff it up one nostril. You get an instant dose of nicotine.

tobacco snuff
People often sneeze after sniffing the powder. Although they are getting the instant nicotine, it's clear their body is trying to expel the dangerous substance. It's not natural. In fact, the whole process seems like you're snorting more dangerous things. Once you grow a tolerance for the powder, wouldn't a finger full be not enough? Do you then snort lines of tobacco? Seems awfully odd.

I can understand the instant gratification part, but the whole process of sniffing powder up your nose seems a bit strange to me.

What Are the Side Effects?

Well, as with any nicotine product, there are always going to be some side effects. It's impossible to escape them all together.

Since you are sniffing powder up your nose, you are directly affecting your mucus membranes inside your nostrils. Those connect to your throat, your eyes, your mouth, and your stomach. So it is still possible to get cancer in any of those places if you continue it.

Is it worth the risk?

I'd say not. If you do get oral cancer in your nose or throat or mouth, you might end up with no nose at all, or no jaw, or death.

Luckily, this trend is decreasing with time. It's mainly popular with young males, and even that number is decreasing. Young females tend to use other things. It's very rare to see a female with a tin canister of snuff in her pocket. I don't think I've personally ever seen it.

It has somewhat of a masculine vibe around it. Guys think it's cool.

tobacco snuff

Sure you aren't smoking, so therefore you eliminate the horrible stench that it causes. Your teeth aren't turning yellow, you aren't getting bronchitis or emphysema, and you don't smell like an ashtray.

But you still are addicted to nicotine.

You are still a slave. You still are not in control. Is that what you want?

Sniffing this up your nose for instant pleasure does not sound like the right way to go. It sounds dangerous. The fact you sneeze immediately afterwards is a telltale sign your body does not accept it. It tries to instantly get rid of it.

The risk of oral and nasal cancer does not sound too good, either. Can you imagine having your nose removed because you did this all your life? Doesn't sound like a good trade-off.

Don't even buy into this latest trend. It's all a big lie. Just don't do any of it. It's the only way to gain complete control of your life. Once you do that, you can do anything.


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