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People use these when they don't want to resort to prescription medications, and they'd rather go a more natural route. I can't blame them.

Prescriptions require health insurance, and if you don't have insurance, you could be paying high costs. Not everybody has that kind of money, so it makes sense that a lot would turn to natural herbal remedies to help them quit.

But do they work?

an herb

Lobelia - A medicinal plant, also known as "Indian tobacco," is probably one of the most popular stop smoking herbs on the market today. It is used to treats coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. Since those are all conditions of the lungs, I would suspect it expands the airways, or increases your heart rate. It's an expectorant.

This may not be an immediate problem, but if taken in high doses, it could turn serious.

It's usually the main ingredient for non-nicotine patches.

Staphysagria - Better known as "Staph" is a purple flower typically used to kill mice and rats. Used as an herbal remedy, it's supposed to increase your will power to quit smoking.

I'm not so sure how it can possibly do that.

It's known to treat depression, so it might act as a natural anti-depressant. Perhaps it makes you happy. But again, people smoke when they're happy as well, so this might not be a viable solution.

Tabacum - A cultivated tobacco plant. So in essence, you are using the same substance to treat your addiction. However, this may be in pill form, so you won't be inhaling anything. This won't end your slavery to nicotine, though, as it feeds your body the exact thing it craves.

Oat Straw - These herbs are usually taken as a tea. They stimulate the central nervous system and increase blood flow in your body. What that means is it combats those feelings of anxiety and nervousness when you're going through physical withdrawal. It calms you down. It takes away those fears. By increasing blood flow, you'll feel more relaxed.

St. Johns Wart - This acts as an anti-depressant. Since this counteracts depression, it is mainly used to increase dopamine levels when you're body is craving nicotine. It tries to make you happy and not sad. But remember, people smoke when they're happy, too, so this might not be very useful tool to use.

a plant or herb

As you can see, herbs can take any form, ranging from liquids, teas, pills, and extracts. None of them are FDA approved to treat addiction. These are merely herbal remedies that are known to be of use in the homeopathic field. Nothing is proven 100% guaranteed.

These may be hard to find, though, especially if you live in rural areas. Not everyone lives in the city. They also might be pretty expensive, too. Not everyone has the extra money in their bank. Are they worth the risk? I would say NO. Since they aren't FDA approved, then the results have not been good enough to warrant approval. That means they may or may not work, leaning towards NOT working.


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