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Some of these stats might scare you. They should. It gives you a perspective of what's really going on, and how absolutely dangerous tobacco is. It's not just a bad habit for you and your friends, it's a global epidemic. It causes more deaths THAT ARE PREVENTABLE than anything else.

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  • 20% of the worldwide population smokes. That's 1 in 5 people. That's a crazy number! If you walk down the street at any given moment, for every 5 people you walk by, 1 of them is a smoker. Could be more, could be less.

    Where I live, I believe this to be true. If I'm at the bus stop, there is always somebody smoking. If I'm on the bus itself, I always smell it on someone. If I'm at the bars, there are tons of people outside. If I go to a wedding, there are still lots of people who haven't quit yet. I almost think the number could be greater than 20% in some places.

  • 33% of the male populaton of the world smokes cigarettes. That is a startling number! Think of it this way: If there are 7 billion people in the world, and roughly 3.5 billion of them are male, and 33% of that 3.5 billion smoke, that would mean that 1.17 billion males in the world use tobacco. You would think this number would be way lower because of all the information and education out there, but sadly it's very high.
  • Someone dies of a tobacco-related illness every 8 seconds. This could mean lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and even emphysema. It could mean more things, too. Those are just the main reasons. They could die of secondhand smoke, or mouth cancer, or even a heart attack.

  • 5 trillion cigarettes are sold annually. That's more than the US national debt! It's a number that's totally unimaginable. 5 trillion! Just think of all that smoke going into our atmosphere. It's no wonder we have so much pollution to worry about. 5 trillion / 20 in a pack = 250 billion packs sold per year around the world. That's such a shame.
  • Smoking is the biggest killer globally. If you combine the deaths of car accidents, drug overdoses, murders, suicides, diseases, heart attacks, and anything else you can think of, smoking destroys that number.

    If there's 20% of the world's population smoking, that means a HUGE amount of them are going to die of a tobacco-related illness. Why don't people wake up?


    This isn't dying of old age we're talking about. That obviously can't be avoided. Using tobacco is a choice, and even if you are totally addicted to it, it is still a choice. Your mind may try and convince you to light up, conjuring up crazy scenarios in your head, and driving you crazy. But it is still your choice to physically reach and grab for one, just like it's your choice to drink milk, or eat a hamburger.

    It's crazy to think that roughly 1.4 billion people smoke in the world, and that it's totally their choice, and a huge chunk of those deaths could be prevented. How many of them want to quit? That's got to be a huge number in itself. It's probably 1 billion people who want to quit.

    If people would just WAKE UP and realize that smokin is a terrible addiction to have, and that it will ultimately cost them their lives, and possibly the lives of others around them, only then would the world be on the right track.

    Sadly, more and more people, especially teenagers, start up every year. It's not as bad as it was in the 1950's when EVERYONE was doing it, but it's still a huge number.


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