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A relapse occurs when someone suddenly smokes after weeks, months, or years after they've quit. It's usually because of a huge trigger or event that suddenly took place.

People just don't go back to smoking full-time because they want to. They go back because something in their life made it seem impossible to get through without it. That's why people relapse. They think whatever situation they're in, they need to suddenly light up. That couldn't be further from the truth.

I've relapsed 100's of times. The most times is always on Day 1, because in my mind, I think that going back after only a few hours is not such a big deal. Day 1 is the hardest day to get through by far, which also makes it the easiest day to relapse.

It's happened weeks after I've quit, too It's always usually because of some huge event, like a holiday, or a party. It's hard because you can be so sure of yourself going into it, but all it really takes is one slip, or one vulnerable moment, and then it's all over. You go back to square one.

Yes, you do go back to square one, and don't let anyone tell you differently. You are not them and they are not you. A lot of people will say to you, "You can have one or two and be fine." No, you absolutely cannot!


Having one or two, or even a single drag, leads you straight back to a full-blown addiction. Nicotine is one of the strongest substances in the world, and the most addicting. You think you can easily fool it? It will easily fool YOU! It will convince you beyond reasonable doubt that having just one or two will NOT result in a relapse. Sadly, the opposite is true. You'll be back to smoking full-time in a matter of days, if not hours.

The really sad part is that it doesn't just send you back to square one, it sends you back to the bottom of your life.

If you go back, you don't just continue your great life as it was when you woke up in the morning, only now an addict again, NO! You go back to the miserable life you were leading when you were a full-time tobacco user. You go all the way back! You have to go through all the withdrawal as if you were just quitting for the first time once again. Nothings changes, nicotine doesn't give you a free pass. It doesn't say, "I'll let it slide this time." It will do anything it takes to keep you in its grip.

It doesn't just take a day out of your life, either, because you've had a couple of cigarettes. Now, that you're back to square one, it's going to take possibly weeks or months before you are mentally ready, and in the right frame of mind, to make a genuine attempt again. Smokers hardly ever just smoke for one night and quit the next day. Nicotine is too smart for that. It will haunt you day in and day out, and in your most vulnerable moments, until you give in and throw in the towel.

This is why it's so important to never allow that one vulnerable moment to exist in your life. If you don't feel you are ready to go to a wedding, or a camping trip, or to a party, then DON'T GO! It's just not worth it. It can take weeks before you try again. You'll be miserable the entire time.

You just have to believe in yourself that you can make it through any situation in life. No matter what the huge event might be, it's not going to be more enjoyable if you allow yourself just one or two for the duration of it. Not only will people view you as a smoker again, but you'll have to go all the way back to square one, and go through all the physical pain once again. Is that worth it? Mentally, and physically, it is not worth it. You'll hate your life and feel horrible about it.





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