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There are many ways to stop smoking. The #1 method, however, is to go cold turkey. It has the highest success rate. Shouldn't that be the most logical path to choose? Sadly, many people are afraid of going this route. They think it's too hard, and they can't deal with the pain. They choose other methods that prolong the pain for months and months.

If you don't believe me, ask around. Does everyone tell you any differently than this? Does everyone you ask tell you they quit by using the gum or the patch? You might get 1 or 2 people saying they did, but the vast majority of people will tell you they went cold turkey.

It really is the only way to go. In essence, you are changing your lifestyle. You are starting a new life. You are heading down a new path. By using other methods that only prolong the withdrawal by giving you nicotine as part of the process, you aren't changing your lifestyle.

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Why change your lifestyle?

That's simple. As your old self, you were a chain smoker. To really, truly succeed, you must change your everyday life. Do you go to the bars every night? Do you hangout with smokers? Are you active? Are you lazy? When you stop, everything changes. Your whole outlook on life changes. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not!

It's all about changing yourself for the better. At the beginning, you can't expect to lead the same life you were leading before, nor will you want to once you get going. Trust me, you'll be more active than you've ever been in your life.

Do you honestly think, as an ex-smoker, you'll watch all your dishes pile up on the counter? Will the garbage ever be taken out? How about the bathroom, will that ever be cleaned? You'll be amazed at the amount of energy you'll be receiving. You'll look at those dishes and laugh at them, because they'll be history, and you'll be gladly cleaning them all without flinching an eyelash.

One of the main reasons this method is #1 is because it rids your body of nicotine as fast as possible. You're addicted to it, not the tobacco itself. Nicotine is the drug in tobacco that you need to avoid all together. It's your master and you are its slave. Accept it and move on.

It's no wonder why they haven't invented cigarettes that don't contain nicotine. Ever wonder why that is? They've taken it out of coffee, but why not tobacco? The reason is simple. It's because there is too much money involved, and the tobacco companies would go bankrupt if they invented a nicotine-free cigarette. Plus no one would smoke them, because they wouldn't get their fix.


It doesn't make any sense, in my opinion, to use other methods besides this one. All they do is keep you addicted. The success rates are horrible, too. If the patch worked for everyone, then it would be international news. Has that happened? Nope.

How can you break your addiction to something by feeding your body what it's addicted to? It's foolish and it just won't work. All that means is that you go back to square one OVER and OVER. Your body doesn't care HOW it gets its fix as long as it gets it. You could be on your death bed in a hospital, dying of lung cancer, and you would STILL be craving a cigarette. You could be suffocating to death because of emphysema and you would STILL be wanting that horrible cancer stick. Yes, it can be frightening. The thought of not getting your fix is sure to cause some panic. That all goes away over time. Why not just get it over with? I don't understand some people.

The physical withdrawal is what scares people the most.

But, in all honesty, even if you've smoked for 30 years, the physical STILL only lasts about 3 weeks. Compare that to 30 years and it's a mere flash in the pan. It's worth a shot! Even if you've puffed away all your life, for 50 years or more, the withdrawal still only lasts 3 weeks.

Plus, after that, there won't be ANY nicotine left in your body. You can't say the same thing about the patch or the gum. With those, you'd still have nicotine in your body, which means you'll still have to go through all the physical withdrawal symptoms once you stop using those replacement products.

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This is a special point of interest to bring up. When you go cold turkey, from THAT POINT FORWARD you are MOVING forward. There is no prolonging and no procrastinating involved. It's just you and your new life that awaits you, that's all.

Think of it as Day 1 of the new YOU. Every new minute is a new beginning. Every morning is a breath of fresh air. Every meal is a meal of new flavors. You'll feel yourself starting to get better, and with each passing day, your life becomes even more amazing than before. What will Day 100 be like? Can you imagine that?

But this isn't because not smoking feels so great. It's because it was making you feel so awful. People don't feel great because they don't use tobacco. They feel great because they finally feel normal. Cigarettes made them a different person, with different feelings. Inhale them for 30 years and you'll never know how you could potentially feel.

You'll never know the real you.

It doesn't matter how old you are. You can be 18, 50, or 80 and it still doesn't mean a thing. It's never too late to quit smoking!

So think of it as the new IMPROVED you! From that point on, you're a different person. You'll be acting different, you'll be more confident, and work won't be as stressful as before.

If you try other ways and you ultimately fail, you won't get excited about life. There will be nothing to look forward to. All you'll be doing is going further and further into addiction, because you'll be feeding your body what it's addicted to. It's a brick wall.


It doesn't cost a penny. All you do is NEVER LOOK BACK! There are no trips to the pharmacy, to the grocery store, to the doctor's office, or getting prescriptions, IT'S FREE! Plus it's the fastest method that exists today.
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For something that has been your crutch for the longest time, the fact that it's free is a great thing. Why pay $100's of dollars on all those other ways when they might not work in the first place? Do you have enough money to throw away in case they don't work? How will you feel if you wasted all that money on something that just sent you back to square one?

Just throw those nasty cigarettes away once and for all. Be done with them! It's been way too long and you need to stop. You're too old to keep going that route.

Never look back, and you'll begin your NEW life faster than ever! Don't listen to the media and try other methods. They won't work, and you'll be saving yourself a ton of money. It doesn't matter if the cashier at the grocery store quit by using the patch. If that's the only person you know who succeeding by doing that, then that's a red flag. A 10% success rate is not good enough, and it shouldn't be good enough for you.

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