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Ever wonder which male celebrities smoke? Here is an abbreviated all-male list. This is not specifically implying these men are current smokers. But, they have been seen at one point using tobacco.

Even if some of these men were non-smokers in real life, they might have been users in their movies or music videos. Since things are not shot perfectly in the beginning, more than one take is necessary. That means more nicotine. After the movie or video, it's very possible they experience withdrawal just like everyone else.

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  • Louis Armstrong, 77, singer, died of a heart attact. Advertised for Camels.

  • Desi Arnaz, actor, died of lung cancer. Star of I Love Lucy next to Lucille Ball.

  • Humphrey Bogart, 57, actor, died of cancer of the esophagus.

  • Allen Carr, 72, British-based, worldwide quit-smoking guru, died of lung cancer. (He's quite an inspiration, actually. He had some pretty wise things to say.)

  • Nat “King” Cole, 45, singer, first African American TV show host, died after surgery for lung cancer.

  • Sammy Davis Jr., 64, entertainer, died of throat cancer.

  • George Harrison, 58, singer, memeber of The Beatles, died of lung cancer.

  • Peter Jennings, 67, newscaster, died of lung cancer.

  • Boris Karloff, 81, actor, star of Frankenstein, died of heart and lung disease and emphysema.

  • Dean Martin, 78, singer, part of the legendary Rat pack. And you know they all smoked! He died of acute respiratory failure.

  • Walt Disney, 65, animator, producer, died of lung cancer.

  • Babe Ruth, 53, baseball player. Died of naso-pharyngeal cancer.

  • Frank Sinatra, 82, singer. Known smoker.

  • Ed Sullivan, 72, entertainer, died of lung cancer.

  • Colin Farrel, actor. Always seen with a cigarette, even on the red carpet.

  • Johnny Depp, actor, star of Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Carribean.

  • Brad Pitt, actor, star of Fight Club.

  • Al Pacino, actor, star of The Godfather.

  • Bob Dylan, singer. Seen smoking in public.

  • Jack Nicholson, actor, star of Batman and The Shining.

  • David Letterman, television host for The David Letterman Show. He smokes cigars publicly.

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