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Do you think these are better for you than regular ones? Do you think your chances of getting cancer are reduced if you use them? Do you think you're less of an addicted smoker? Sadly, the answer will always be no.

The lightest cigarettes are no better for you than any other kind out there.

I went through phases when I first started out. I thought the filterless cigarettes were too harsh, so I started out with lighter types.

close-up of two cigarettes

Then I tried "ultra-lights" as these are marketed as the safest tobacco product out there. But, it's hard to get a drag off them, so I eventually went back to a harsher type, to fulfill my addictive needs and get my fix.

You may think you're doing yourself a favor by switching to ultra-lights, but you aren't at all. It's all the same really. Yes, it's harder to inhale enough nicotine in the same drag of an ultra-light in comparison to a regular type.

However, if you do your research and look closely, you'll notice tiny holes in the filter of the ultra-light, one on each side. Do you know what they are for? They are what is making it so difficult to take a proper drag in the first place. Some of the smoke is escaping through the holes.

If you cover the holes with your fingers, you can actually take a normal drag. People usually release their fingers when they inhale. When the drag is finished, their fingers return to clench the cigarette. Have you noticed this before? Watch yourself, or watch other people in the act.

These are designed so you'll take your fingers off the filter, thus allowing smoke to escape through the holes, which makes the drag harder to take. That's what makes an ultra-light cigarette. It's all in the design of the filter.

In frustration, people will get really desperate and cut the filter off all together, or at least past the point where the holes are. There isn't less nicotine in an ultra-light. It's just escaping through the well-designed filter. If you cut it completely off, do you think it would still be an ultra-light? Absolutely not! It would be much more harsh.

an ashtray containing cigarette butts

How many will I smoke?

What also happens is that you'll smoke MORE of them. If you're used to having a pack a day (or more), and you suddenly switch to ultra-lights, do you think you'll use the same amount? Nope. You'll end up having more, because it's harder to get the amount nicotine you were getting before, because of the well-designed filter.

That's when the cycle from one brand to another begins, going back and forth between lights, ultra-lights, and filters. It's all based on how addicted to nicotine you are and how much your body craves.

Are they safer for you?

Nope again. There is still tar, nicotine, and all 599 additives. It's impossible to escape.

There is no such thing as a safe or safer cigarette.

They simply don't exist. The only benefit of smoking an ultra-light is that the filter reduces the amount of tar and nicotine you're receiving. But that's if you don't know about the holes in the sides of the filter.

You can still get cancer, bronchitis, and emphysema. You can still develop a cough. You'll still be a slave to tobacco, and it will control your every thought.

If you think switching is going to save you from the slavery of being an addict, you've got it all entirely wrong. You'll never be in control if you use ANY type. It doesn't matter what it is, you will always lose.


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