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These two go together, all smokers who drink coffee will tell you that. In fact, it may be the favorite moment of the day. It's the moment early in the morning when they can sit down, relax, have a few cups of warm coffee, and enjoy a cigarette or two. Does this sound familiar? Why do they go hand-in-hand in the same way that alcohol and nicotine go together?

I am definitely one of those individuals who enjoyed a smoke (or 5) while enjoying my morning coffee. As an addict, I was convinced the two flavors complimented each other, as if they were meant to be. It's ridiculous to think, but I honestly justified smoking because I was drinking coffee. I needed the two at the same time. I couldn't imagine drinking coffee without it. What would be the point? That's exactly how a nicotine addict's mind operates.

Caffeine and nicotine are both stimulants, so naturally as we do them together, we feel that they both "pump us up" for the day ahead. That's why we say they go hand-in-hand so well. A liquid stimulant followed by an inhaled stimulant.

If you take a step back and look at what you're doing, you'll see that you're really hurting your heart in the long run. Caffeine, in any form, raises your heart rate, and nicotine also raises your heart rate. Combine the two, and your heart is going into overtime. Do this everyday for years on end, and you're probably doing some serious, lasting damage.

Plus, who wants to kiss someone who just drank coffee and smoked a cigarette? Not me. It's disgusting what your mouth tastes like after consuming those two things. How sexy does yellow teeth and a brown tongue seem to you?

Nicotine will try and convince you beyond reasonable doubt that you'll enjoy that morning cup of coffee much more with a cigarette at hand. It may convince you that you'll be more "ready for the day" if you combine the two at the start of your day. It's a total and complete lie, of course.

What happens if you are a caffeine consumer who drinks coffee throughout the day?

Quite simply, you'll be smoking all day long. It will be a hard habit to break for someone who wants to quit one or the other. It's really just a myth that they go together, because the media has persuaded you to think so. Just because others do and they think they're cool, does NOT mean it's socially acceptable, or that it's normal. It's not.

Imagine not smoking, and remaining a caffeine consumer. What will your life be like? Will you enjoy your morning cup of coffee ever again? Will you be craving cigarettes with every cup? Will you ever be normal? Of course you will be. Don't believe any word against this notion.

You'll be craving cigarettes regardless, because you'll be going through withdrawal. That is just part of the process, and everyone who is a nicotine addict will have to go through it. It's not the be-all-end-all of anything in your life. It can easily be overcome.

You might even enjoy your caffeine consumption more than usual. Why? For one, you won't be engulfed in smoke the entire time. You'll have more energy because of it. You also won't be developing breathing problems, either. It doesn't matter what else you do in your life. Smoking doesn't need to be apart of it.

Don't be fooled into thinking the two of them go hand-in-hand. As a young adult, you didn't do either of those things, so why, as an adult, should you be dependent on them? You shouldn't be. You'll be amazed at how wonderful you will feel once you ride your life of those habits. Not everyone indulges, and it certainly isn't the norm. You can handle life without them.






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