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As soon as you stop smoking those disgusting cigarettes, you'll know what I'm talking about. Your entire world turns 180 degrees, and it's the best feeling ever! Each moment will introduce something new into your life. It could be anything: a burst of energy, a revelation, a new smell, a deeper breath, or a big smile on your face. If you've been a smoker all your life, then it's the NEW YOU that's shining through.

Remember, quitting is a total lifestyle change. At the beginning, don't expect to lead the same life you were leading as a smoker because that is simply not going to happen. In reality, you WON'T want that to happen.

After a few days, your increased energy and vigor will only convince you further that the NEW YOU is where you want to be. You won't want to go back to your old lifestyle. As the days progress, you'll reminisce about your old ways, and how you went about your everyday life. Although now, you won't miss those moments. You'll be perfectly happy leading the new life you're leading because you'll ultimately feel better about yourself.

If you've never quit before, or you don't want to, you'll never know what I'm talking about and you'll never get to experience the greatness firsthand. Those of you who have, even if for a short time, or for long periods of time, you know what I'm talking about. Being a non-smoker is an incredible feeling. It's the best feeling in the world.

the last piece of a completed puzzle

It's almost as if your life is one gigantic puzzle, and when you quit, the pieces of the puzzle start putting themselves together, one-by-one. Things naturally fall into place. Good things happen in your life. Soon your puzzle will be complete! Life is great! And the best part: you're finally moving forward in life. Every new day is a new experience waiting to be lived. Every moment is a new horizon, and a whole NEW YOU.

INCREASED ENERGY - When you smoke cigarettes, you decrease the amount of oxygen in your blood, to your brain, and in your lungs. In theory, you only exhale 10% of what you inhale, so that remains a big factor in the way you feel. That means 90% of what you inhale STAYS inside your lungs. Now imagine smoking 20 or more a day. Can you imagine how much smoke is stuck inside your lungs on a daily basis? It's quite scary!

You're tired all the time. You're lazy, and you don't want to do anything. All you want to do is sit around and smoke all day. Exercise is not a top priority, but it should be. Moving forward is not a priority, but it should be. Being healthy comes secondary, but it should come first. Sound familiar? Can you relate?

Well the good news is after you stop smoking, your energy level goes through the roof! Suddenly you're not tired all the time, you're not lazy, and you want to be active! Exercise may even become a top priority for you. Life is thrilling, exciting, and every moment counts. You'll wake up each day bouncing out of bed, ready to take anything on, including the most difficult, stressful situations in your life. You'll laugh at stress.

Because of this increased energy and output, you're likely to lose weight, not gain weight. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I think it does. I'm sure you'd think so, too. Who wants to be overweight? Everyone wants to be as healthy as they can be. It will naturally come to you because of the increased energy and activity in your life.

SENSE OF TASTE - When I was a smoker, I thought food tasted OK, but nothing spectacular. Never in a million years could I fathom how GREAT food would eventually taste when I finally broke the habit.

Flavors seemed to burst out of my mouth, as if they were freshly picked from a garden. Have you ever had a cigarette and then had something to eat? The food tastes terrible. Do you ever see people smoke WHILE they eat? Can you imagine how awful their food must taste? It's disgusting.

Now imagine that same meal without that nasty, lingering taste of an ashtray in your mouth, covering up all those flavors. You may even enjoy foods you didn't enjoy before. Smokers really are missing out, aren't they? They just see food as something to keep them alive. They don't get excited about meals. It's mainly because they are just going through the motions of eating so they can light-up again afterwards. Non-smokers see food as energy. Big difference!

GOOD HYGIENE - Smoker's have horrible hygiene. They stink, their skin looks terrible, their teeth are yellow, their hair may be frizzy, they've got more wrinkles, and their clothes ALWAYS smell like cigarette stench. You know it's true.

All these things can be reversed, except for maybe a few wrinkles, depending on your age. It may be too late for that one. But for the others, they are totally reversable. You shall see! Your skin will definitely improve, as more oxygen will be pumped through your body. Before, your body was deprived of oxygen. Therefore, your skin looked bad. Everyone will notice how great you look once you stop your bad habit.

a smiling girl with a great complexion You'll notice drastic improvements in your life immediately after that last cigarette. Suddenly, you don't stink anymore, your teeth whiten, your skin becomes more clear, your hair becomes more healthy looking, and your clothes smell like fresh laundry detergent. You're moving forward, and that is the only way to go.

When I quit, I noticed right away how awful smokers smelled. To this day, it almost makes me gag everytime I smell someone who had just been outside. It's revolting, and I'm glad that's not me anymore. It's not attractive. Everyone around you is appalled. You may not care, but a lot of people do, especially if there are children around. Secondhand smoke is a real issue for everyone, including those who do not partake in the lifestyle. It's important to stay away and avoid these places if it's an issue for you.

a photo of a fist holding a wad of money MORE MONEY - You may not think spending $5 on cigarettes everyday seems like much, but it does add up. An entire year costs you $1825. That's a lot of money! This amount will only go up with time as prices increase. They raise prices almost every year.

Think of what you could do with that money instead of spending it on tobacco. I can think of many things to do with it. I could save up for a vacation, a car, a house, some clothes, ANYTHING! The really fun thing to do is to put that $5 aside, in an envelope or drawer, and tuck it away each day. It will add up in no time.

Save up for something nice. Reward yourself! You've earned it! You can afford it now.

Another thing to think about is this: a pack a day equals $150 a month for those who spend $5 each day. That could be free health insurance, a car payment, a student loan payment, or any bills you might have to pay. It makes you think, doesn't it? I hope it does. You might never have to worry about paying the bills ever again, because you'll have all that extra money set aside.

SLEEP BETTER - I had breathing problems. I coughed a lot, I woke up short of breath, and I was always wheezing. It wasn't pleasant. Eventually, I developed bronchitis. This is something everyone will eventually go through if they continue. Have you had it? Sound familiar?

Smoker's take breathing for granted. I took it for granted and that's why I got bronchitis. I valued cigarettes more than I valued the ability to breathe. I've also developed asthma. I need an inhaler during the winter months, and for strenuous activity anytime during the year.




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